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Once a collection of rare gems and dream objects sourced, we secure a customized full service of logistics including transport, storage, packing, shipping and insurance to get your container safely to your door. Bon voyage!

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Va et vient

We work with a range of suppliers specialized in the transport of art and antiques. We will take care of all your valuable and fragile objects. We pick up and deliver every type of packed or unpacked antiques, whatever the size or weight.

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Bien entendu ...

We offer a service to collect your purchases and then provide short, medium and long-term storage, whatever the volume. We use secure storage areas to ensure that your items are safely stored and protected. Each item is given a unique number, which is carefully recorded on the inventory list, and the item is stored in a designated area specific to each client.

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À la carte !

To meet your packing needs, we offer solutions that are tailored to the specific type, fragility and features of the pieces concerned. We provide wrapping and packaging to ensure your items are delivered safely, and we produce customized wooden shipping crates to protect objects whenever required. Containers are loaded to optimize the space available and make sure your items arrive in one piece.

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En route !

We ship complete containers to all destinations on a regular basis. Our team loads all items into the container, which is then sealed while still in the loading bay to ensure your objects are secure. We ensure all the requirements of each country of destination are met. This includes filing AMS, submitting ISF, and obtaining fumigation certificates for those countries that require them.

For partially filled containers, we work closely with a range of partners to ensure we are able to ship to all destinations.

Road freight transport options are also available for deliveries to all countries within Europe. Should you ever need to meet an urgent restocking requirement or satisfy an occasional whim, we can organize Air freight and, whatever the country of origin and destination, we will oversee the entire air transport process, from managing the paperwork, to unloading your items and delivering them to their final destination.

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C'est la vie !

Depending on the delivery option (Incoterms) chosen, your items will be fully insured throughout the shipping process, from pick up through to storage and delivery. A real peace of mind!


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