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Based in Provence, France, Abilis Export provides international B2B companies with an end-to-end service experience: from organising buying trips or sourcing and purchasing antiques and design pieces on our customers behalf, through to overseeing their transportation and safe worldwide delivery.

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Abilis purchases eclectic and exclusive antiques and design pieces all over Europe. We curate inspiring collections with our B2B customers, particularly those looking to introduce a timeless feel or add a touch of exceptional style to private homes, hotels, restaurants, shops or gardens.

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Should you wish to come to France to source antique treasures and one-off artefacts, or should you prefer to work at distance staying safely at home, we can provide a Conciergerie service as well as a Representation service, both including a confidentiality code de rigueur!

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We act as a manufacturing partner, helping our clients to make and develop their individual and customized product ranges. Abilis Export provides product development support and oversees the production process, which is carried out by our networks of carefully selected craftsmen, including awarded ones.

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Once a collection of rare gems and dream objects sourced or produced, we secure a customized full service of logistics including transport, storage, packing, shipping and insurance to get your container safely to your door. Bon voyage!

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Depuis 1995

Abilis Export was founded in 1995 by Michel and Gabrielle Barma and has been rejuvenated in 2018 by Emmanuel Peltier and Sarah Carrière-Chardon, gathering a team of conscientious, competent and dynamic connoisseurs of antiques, vintage pieces and unique decorative accessories.

Billing address

252, Chemin de Jentelin

13160 – Châteaurenard – France

Delivery address

Antiques Supplier & Warehouse

115, Avenue André Durand

84450 – Saint Saturnin-Lès-Avignon

En face du parking U Express

Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday : 08h00 to 17h00

Friday : 08h00 à 12h00

Closed on weekends and public holidays

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