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We act as a manufacturing partner

We help our clients to make and develop their individual and customized product ranges.

Abilis Export provides product development support and oversees the production process, which is carried out by our networks of carefully selected OEM and ODM craftsmen and women. We work with skilled craftsmen, including firms that have been awarded Living Heritage Company status by the French government for their exceptional craftsmanship and industrial know-how.

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Made in France

We work with our clients to develop bespoke lifestyle products, such as fragrances, fabrics, cosmetics and candles, all reminiscent of Provence, France and complete with tailored client-specific labels and branding.

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Artisans par excellence

We find manufacturers, both in France and abroad, who are skilled in making new custom-made or hand-crafted furniture, in creating furniture by recycling old materials, in crafting replicas of antiques and reproductions inspired by original pieces, and in adapting antique furniture for modern use. This furniture can either be produced as a one-off piece or in batches.

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Et voilà !

Abilis Export can provide a studio photo of your items so that you can display these pieces for sale while they are being shipped. We also provide visual communication support.


French touch

To add that finishing French touch to their enterprise, we help our clients to set up a creative and technical team of designers, illustrators, photographers and provide image consulting and support with creating collections and their graphic charter, as well as printed or online catalogues. We use our extensive knowledge of the market and our expertise to help our clients and manage their distribution strategies, brand expansion and business development.


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